Tender for Turkish legal consultation (21408)

Issue Date of RFQ: 04th August 2021

Deadline for RFQ: 12th August 2021

Horan Foundation at a glance

The following is a brief of HORAN Foundation work as you may find more on the website and Facebook page:

The sectors where we work are:

1- Food security & livelihoods.

2- Education.

3- Protection.

4- Shelter & Noon-food items.

5- Health.

6- WASH.

The areas we cover are: in Syria (Idelb gov, Aleppo gov)

And the following is a summary of our work in the 2016 and 2017 Humanitarian response in the aspect of Syrian crisis:

HF implemented more than 75 projects distributed on the Humanitarian sectors in which we tried to covered different gaps in different communities in Syria and Turkey. We reached till 2019 more than 70,000 beneficiaries, in 129 different communities within a variety of sub-districts we reached with WASH, NFI, Shelter, Health, FSL, and protection services.

who are we?

Horan Foundation previously known as (Ahl Horan Association) was established in May 2012, and was registered in Switzerland and Turkey (Istanbul and Gaziantep) with main office in Turkey (Gaziantep). Currently the organization’s operational offices are based in Syria (Afrin, Dana, Dare tazza, Termanin and Idleb). We are also a member of OCHA, and Humanitarian sectors in Turkey. For more information on Horan and its operations please visit www.horan.ngo.

Rules, requirements for bidding documentation, instructions for the participants, terms of reference and standard form of the Service Agreement can be request by email: procurement@horan.ngo

The total bid price shall be quoted US Dollars (USD) or Turkish lira (TRY).

All bids shall be submitted compliant to the terms and conditions of this bidding conditions.

Horan Foundation reserves the right to reject bids that are not compliant to the bidding terms and conditions.

Legal consultation firms who want to participate in this tender should submit their bids before 17:00 on 12th August 2021. The bid should include copies of Capacity Building firms’ statutory documents, registration certificate, copies of the original documents to authorize providing of such type of services, list or references from the most prominent clients and other according to the requirements stated in the bidding documents.

In case the bidder plans to engage a sub-contractor in order to complete the terms of reference of the Services, the bidder is required to submit all the technical and financial documents of the proposed sub-contractor.

All offers shall be delivered by hand or through mail to the following address:

Horan foundation

  • İncilipınar mah.Nail Bilen Cad.Uğur Plaza Avm no 67 Şehitkamil Gaziantep – Turkey
  • emaile.tender@horan.ngo

Procurement Unit

All bids shall be submitted in sealed envelopes properly labelled with the information below: “Tender: 21408” before 17:00 on 12th August 2021.

Answers to the frequently asked questions about the tender can be found in the bid, For additional information regarding bidding documentation or technical specifications the companies shall address their quires to email: procurement@horan.ngo The subject line of the e-mail request for additional information should contain the following: Request under tender 21408.